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01-09-2000, 21:57
Well ive read every review i think there is, and downloaded some of the songs they've played at Berlin, and it sounds pretty revolutionary, but will it be as revolutionary as OK Computer, which totally changed guitar music.
I certainly like the new sound, but it dont think it will click with all Radiohead fans.
Ill definately be there on Monday morning hoping to get my special edition CD. Another Album of the Year? I think so.

01-09-2000, 22:40
Ive only hear4d onr song - its cool. But im pissed so i'll leave you. Im off to the concert tomorow - see my therad below (ormaybe its above now). Album shouldbe great - whtas this about special edition?

[BL] Switchblade
02-09-2000, 16:18
the first 1000 or so pressings of the cd will have a special secret booklet hidden behind the cd case

and its gonna rock!!

02-09-2000, 16:50
i havent actually seen a review as such , seen nmes track by track run down and the guy in the telegraph said it was good.

can anyone point me to a review on the net?

02-09-2000, 17:14
Go to the 2 big fan sites

then there will be a link to a list of reviews somewhere
damn good sites anyway

02-09-2000, 23:21
yeah man, greenplastic just rocks!!!!

(as do radiohead).

i do agree that not all the rhead fans will like the new sound but i love it!


02-09-2000, 23:27

/me empties me piggybank...

[BL] Switchblade
05-09-2000, 23:53
have u all heard ideotheque? it was first played at newport last week, but u can get it here (http://music.nildram.co.uk)

tis kewl :)

06-09-2000, 09:00
Erm, how did OK Computer (Good album though it is) completely change Guitar music?

06-09-2000, 21:23
you just need to listen to current bands like embrace, muse etc.

(I read it somewhere :P)

[BL] Switchblade
07-09-2000, 20:23
its probably cos its THE best album of the 90's, and is also the best album ever, so there :)

apart from kid a perhaps, but i'll have to wait and see about that one :E

07-09-2000, 21:32
well i can't wait...

+ they did change guitar music!

neway altho muse are good does ne1else agree they r like a 2nd readiohead???

well i don't care really coz it just means another "radiohead" album as it were really.


08-09-2000, 11:12
Methinks you should listen to the albums that influenced OK Computer before saying things like "It totally changed guitar music". It's a great album, but not as original as you might think.

Check out Joy Division and Early New Order for starters.

08-09-2000, 13:30
Joy Division and New Order may have influenced Radiohead but it was Radiohead who influenced the current bands.

08-09-2000, 18:21
Yeah, there are a lot of copyist bands about and Radiohead have certainly influenced some. I have nothing against Radiohead, just that often a great album is called "seminal" and "ground breaking" when it is not. It is simply a great album.

The Spice Girls have influenced most of the recent all girl teeny bands around, so I suppose they have "totally changed pop music".

Nirvana's Nevermind also springs to mind as an album that is often referred to as "seminal" when it is not.(Whoops! Here I go again, upsetting all the Nirvana fans now :rolling::E ).

08-09-2000, 19:05
Surely it was Nevermind that inspired that whole 'grunge' generation.
And yes, albums that are reffered to as ground breaking may have taken their lead from other artists, but they are the ones who popularised that certain style.
I dont feel you can call an album 'revolutionary' unless it was popular enough to inspire new bands of the same genre, even though it may have been err...revolutionary (or at least different), or inspired a big band of the same style.
You get my point...maybe.

08-09-2000, 22:26
Sort of. Nirvana were the first band to really make it big with the Grunge thang, but bands like Mudhoney and Sonic Youth were doing the same thing with minor success before Nirvana. And don't forget the Pixies.

Who's to say that the grunge bands who found success after Nirvana weren't influenced by the earlier bands.

And revolutionary doesn't have to mean big sales. The Velvet Underground sold about eight records during their existence in the sixties, but their legacy has influenced more bands today (Radiohead included) than possibly any other band.

On the other hand, Oasis have arguably influenced more bands around today than any other nineties band and they are about as unoriginal as you can get. If I formed a punk band and sparked of a punk revival, would my band be "revolutionary"?

08-09-2000, 23:43
well done bratle for pointing out sonic youth and the pixies. nirvana were fromed as a tribute band to the pixies. if u ask me nirvana regressed a little, being to obsessed with america as angry anti establishment ppl and thus making some rather thrasy records. nontheless, nevermind IS a classic album. also sonic youth were a very important band.

btw anyone here agree that the bends is better than ok computer?

08-09-2000, 23:58
I think its pretty much impossible for music to be totally original now. You can try but someone will always say you're just borrowing from such and such from 50 years ago.

However, what an individual artist can bring is their own spark of innovation and personality that makes their work different from the rest. Even Oasis, who were mentioned aboveas totally unoriginal, posess the most distinctive voice of our generation, and therefore are not just a Beatles/Who/Led Zep wannabe band but have their own distinctive edge.

I think music is still moving forward innovatively but cos rock'n'roll ain't the new kid on the block anymore its in baby steps not running leaps

09-09-2000, 13:36
Yup, The Bends is at least as good as OK Computer, if not beter.

09-09-2000, 21:29
list in paper last week:

20 Greatest Albums

Revolver, Beatles
The Bends, Radiohead
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Beatles
OK Computer, Radiohead
The White Album, Beatles
Automatic For The People, R.E.M.
Blood On The Tracks, Bob Dylan
Abbey Road, Beatles
Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd
The Queen Is Dead, Smiths
The Stone Roses, Stone Roses
Forever Changes, Love
Velvet Underground And Nico, Velvet Underground
Kind Of Blue, Miles Davis
The Unforgettable Fire, U2
Astral Weeks, Van Morrison
Nevermind, Nirvana
Pet Sounds, Beach Boys
Sign O' The Times, Prince
Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen

this says it all.

09-09-2000, 21:31
Agreed, for me, the rougher, more unmixed feel of The Bends makes for a better album and lets the songs come through a lot more er, naturally? I think.

having said that, I prefer Californication to Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Perhaps I'm mad.

10-09-2000, 03:45
I have the first 8 songs of Kid A now, it's damn good, pretty different though, an electronic direction

10-09-2000, 12:19

u should have gone down a bit further on that list cos my uncles at 82 :)

10-09-2000, 14:13
82. So Peter Gabriel

Cool, the full list is 'ere

Its a Virgin poll of 200,000 Musicians Writers and Fans conducted every three years.

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10-09-2000, 16:52
Radiohead below Beatles? I know The Beatles were a bit popular - but above the Head? That's taking the mickey!!

10-09-2000, 22:54
Thats either thinly veiled sarcasm or blatent stupidity :E

I'll give u the benefit of the doubt and assume its the former :)

10-09-2000, 23:08
Do you lot know that Kid A is already all over the internet. Apparantly at the CD printing facory one of the workers took in a small recording device and taped it (on to a tape surprisingly enough) took it home MP3ed it and now Its all over the place, I have it all just now, it not hard to find, just search on napster for "Kid A Studio". The quality is good.

15-09-2000, 12:38
Radiohead are a bunch of miserable students. They might have made a few good tunes, but the adulation showered upon them leaves me completely baffled. Have you lot never heard of, say, Bob Dylan, or The Stone Roses, or Wu Tang Clan - or how about Super Furry Animals? Much more experimental than Thom Yorke's bunch of reprobates, and better tunes too.

I'm sure I'll get a lot of flaming here, but maybe you should try listening to other music and making an informed choice - one journalist got it spot on about Radiohead - she said that they were a band for people who want to be thought of as more intelligent than they actually are.

See ya...

15-09-2000, 14:40
what do these casuals know anyway

'try listening to other music' - why would anyone whos not deeply interested in music even come to this board?
where do we say anywhere that we only listen to Radiohead, of course we dont, but they are the pick of the crop.

'and better tunes too' - not only do i not agree, i think maybe you should listen to the whole album. i dont really buy any singles cos i believe the album is what matters, an album can be good without any great tunes. just that radiohead can get both right

'a band for people who want to be thought of as more intelligent' - maybe just a band for people who understand and love music
surely the numerous polls that have taken place that all put radiohead up there with the best of them cant be wrong

and it sounds like your the one trying to sound intelligent, sonny

'im sure ill get a lot of flaming' - maybe cos you know youre wrong

i dont want to start anything, just airing mah views

15-09-2000, 15:01
Well in my opinion, the polls are wrong - they just prove that the people who vote in them are fickle morons who vote for the record they're listening to at the moment, not records that are truly fantastic.

I'm not gonna do a point by point defence cos otherwise we'll be here forever, and you're more than welcome to your opinion - the only reason I posted is because people do feel so passionate about this band, and I just don't get it. Maybe I am thick. But I'd rather listen to something that makes me feel good, as opposed to miserable. We all know the world can be a pretty nasty place, but why do bands like Radiohead wanna dwell on it?

I'm probably not gonna post again, so go ahead and call me a taste-free idiot. But Kid A sucks (yep I've heard it), and like it or not, Radiohead, whatever you think of their music, are possibly the most pretentious tossers around.

I'm outta here...

15-09-2000, 15:12
People who find Radiohead miserable are those who dont get their music.
Im not saying anything bout your musical taste, im sure its good, and its fine not to like Radiohead, a shame but ok.

Just makes me wonder why you feel the need to back up your arguement with comments like '[Radiohad]are possibly the most pretentious tossers around'

its unecesary and unprovoked

cya round news gimp :P

15-09-2000, 15:31
just saw this comment on one of the Radiohead fan sites:

"If the future of funerals has a sound, this is it"

well, made me laugh

and I still can't decide if Kid A is really good or really bad

15-09-2000, 16:35
I can appreciate Radiohead and like their albums, but I agree with the sentiment that they are pretentious.

Probably as much as U2, but being pretentious never hurt their sales.

As years go on though, you'll see the Radiohead albums hurtle down the best of charts followed by Oasis and the Verve.

15-09-2000, 17:22
Dunno if there is truth in that or not, I mean all you have to do is look at any radiohead message board and see that it is full of absolute tossers who just wanna prove they are smarter than each other. But Radiohead do have alot of good songs.

Saying there are other bands as if radiohead fans only listen to radiohead is just bollocks, the album I have listened to most this week is Kid A yea, but last week it was Primal Scream Vanishing Point, and the week before The Bluetones Science and Nature and the week before that Coldplay Paracutes. Infact Radiohead is about 5% of what I listen to, but then I suppose Im not exactly a huge RH fan :)

And as a side note I like Kid A best out of all their albums, Keyboards 0wn j00 all! Bwhahahahahahaha


15-09-2000, 19:29
8Ace - SIT!

You obviously don't know what you're talking about. In fact, the blatency of your hostility against us shows that you must feel some sort of personal affront.

Judging by your post, would I be right in saying that people who listen to Steps are just trying to make themselves look more cretinous than they already are? OF COURSE NOT!! We listen to Radiohead because we like their music, we appreciate their talents. Is their type of music common? NO. They are individual, and we like them for that.

What you have said is bollocks, and I think you know it. Who are you to judge how good they are anyway? 'Reprobates' I believe was used. Perhaps you should consider yourself and your unsupported views. Perhaps then 'reprobate' would be a little more appropriate? You don't agree? Didn't think so. Wouldn't want to make yourself look wrong would you? That would really spoil your little whine that you so carefully placed on this thread.

Unfortunately, this thread, I think, would be the last place you should have put your views, as frankly, they aren't cared for. If you can't come up with anything other than personal views on the subject - and I'm sure that's because you couldn't find any facts - then bugger off.

And please don't bother picking holes in this post, you now it's right. If you DO find something, which I'm sure your biased little mind will, the please mail it to some.one@whocares.com


[BL] Switchblade
15-09-2000, 19:51
well quite frankly anyone who says that radiohead are rubbish, either have never heard their music, and are going with opinons of others, or are just plain mad :)

i do think that its ok not to like something, for instance i think that oasis are a bag of manky ****e, nut thats only my opinon, plus they dont seem to get on very well atm...

and i dont particularly like the beatles, esp as radiohead are a lot better, even if they have described Kid A as 'their version of seargent peppers' :)

15-09-2000, 21:05
okay, I know I'm gonna regret this...

I rarely post on forums cos I don't see anything that I need to comment on - most people seem to be pretty sussed. But I do believe that Radiohead are really, really over-rated - not crap, just nothing special. And people are so madly passionate about them it always amazes me.

Having said that, I don't think I've really been overtly rude about "the 'head" - maybe a little tongue in cheek, but hey, you've gotta have a sense of humour right? I just said I'm baffled by their popularity. Bottom line, there's loads of fantastic bands out there, and I love music - I'm genuinely bewildered that a group I find so boring can be loved by so many other people - I can only conclude it's cos those people have not listened properly to really good music.

I fully expect loads more irrational replies to this post - go ahead, knock yourself out. If I can convince just one deluded Radiohead fan to try listening to something good, that'll be enough for me. I promise, no more posts from me after this one. Rip me apart, piece by piece guys - but try and do it with a little more wit than the last guys, huh?

15-09-2000, 21:52
Erm... I don't recall saying I didn't like any of the bands/artists you mentioned...

Plus, I'm not trying to 'rip you apart', I just get annoyed, in much the same way as you, when people make comments like you have.

Can we just leave it as: you don't like them, we do? If so, great, let's leave it at that. By all means suggest new bands, but don't go slagging off music we like. Remember, no one asked your opinion. It'll only be received if it's something constructive, which as yet it hasn't been (at least from our point of view). I can't be bothered to argue.

Like I said leave it as it is. No more flaming.

15-09-2000, 22:20
Who gives a toss if they're popular
Who gives a toss if they're pretentious
Who gives a toss if both of these are called for

They make beautiful music. and isn't that what it's all about, man? can't we all just ****ing get along???... :E

oh, and I agree... it's impossible to compete with the inflated egos observed on any radiohead forum. Once I claimed I was jesus and that it was the second coming for a laugh. I don't know how it went down, but probably quite sardonically.

16-09-2000, 09:13
Awwww, Beer m8. There's always someone who comes along and spoils a good scrap with a "Can't we all just get along" post :naughty:.

Erm...I have Kid A now and first listen was pretty indifferent. This could be a great sign though, as most of my favourite albums didn't grab me on the first few plays. An album that grabs you immediately will dry up just as fast.

Then again, Kid A may just be pants......

16-09-2000, 11:34
LOL @ beer. Nice one m8.

'Second Coming' hehe...

17-09-2000, 18:54
Anyway, back to Kid.A
I read that if you buy the album on the first week of release or on the interent, it should contain the special booklet.
I was a bit worried that it would only be in about 5000 copies, which would make it a bit more special.

17-09-2000, 19:00
yeah, i heard that too, I asked at HMV and they said "no" but i believe they lie, I'm going to sit outside on the morn of october the 2nd, and shout at the big issue sellers and throw cream in their faces as I wait for my special edition copy.

18-09-2000, 17:32
The big day has arrived.:)
I *think* Radiohead's back catalogue is realeased today.
But at 8pm today Lurpack will be with Radiohead in France and hopefully will play Kid.A back to back. However i fear he may not play all tracks, and will interupt with interviews with the guys.
Then at midnight xfm (london) *will* play Kid A back to back (and they've been playing one classic Radiohead sound ever hour today, which was nice), so ill be sitting in the dark with my shaking hand on the record button.
Should be good fun!

[BL] Switchblade
19-09-2000, 13:58
well it was played on Radio1 last night, between 8:30 and 10:00, and frankly its fantastic, except for motion picture soundtrack, i dont like what they've done with that :(

still ace mind, but not how id have done it if i were them, if u c wot i mean :)

19-09-2000, 15:08
Certainly is fooking brilliant

Luckly xfm played it back to back, every track

Everything in its right place - brilliant, really whole

Kid A - Bit weird, dunno where its meant to go, not great, theres one part where almost everything cuts except the guitar base and i was so hoping it would go rocky, but no

National Anthem - sweet base line, although the brass ensemble i felt sounded better when Thom replaced it by grunting when touring, comparable to Electioneering

How to Dissapear Completely - still growning on me this one, nice at the moment, apparently its most peoples fav.

Treefingers - instumental and i worry this could get as annoying as fitter happier

Optimistic and In Limbo - great tracks

Idioteque - brilliant this track, reminiscant of Warp stuff Aphex Twin 'n' all, love it

Morning Bell - beautiful

Motion Picture Soundtrack - this was written before creep but strangly fits nicely with the album, another good track i think, maybe the harps are a bit overdone, but lovely is a good word for this one

i feel that the tracks dont grab you immediatly like Bends did, and they require more listening that OK.Comp, but they've taken music to a new level like they intended to
its less about the music more about the emotion, which is what they've been building up to all this time

but they are bound to be people who dont like it, and i think LP5 will show radiohead back to their old ways.

[BL] Switchblade
20-09-2000, 00:06
the version ive got of motion picture soundtrack (a live on from an old tour i think) is better than the one on kid a, plus it has an extra verse, which is ace

plus i dont like what theyve done to it, at least its not how id have done it :(

ive said this before havent i... :)

EOM Darkman
20-09-2000, 01:12
Firstly Radiohead are not prententious, some of thier fans on message boards are yes. Right now i cant be bothered justifying my comments :).

Anyway about Kid A. I downloaded the whole album off the net and for me, its not a growing album, first listen i absolutely loved it and i have been listning to it constantly ever since. I think even with all the synthesisers and electronic effects used this album still doesnt have an electronic feel to it when you listen to it, its as it has been described by the band themselves, rythmic.

Im a huge Radiohead fan and Kid A has become my favourite album in the space of a few listens. I think the band have got it right and are making music on this album the way its supposed to be made composing it through rhythms, no structures such as verse, chorus, solo etc and in doing so have produced really moving songs.

I look forward to what Radiohead have to offer in the future. Im really looking forward to LP5/EP5 as its probably going to be more of a guitar album, they have some great new material that hasnt made it onto Kid A.

21-09-2000, 21:41
apparently they are going to release 3 albums within 6months
which would be tres cool
but i gotta say this new album is so image provocing, truely genius

22-09-2000, 13:06
Bollocks. Ive missed all the bloody pre release plays. Grrr

22-09-2000, 14:11
loads of sites are streaming the whole album
and i think its been on napster for some time

also i forget to say well done to nigel godrich for doing a great job with the producing

01-10-2000, 04:06
I adored The Bends and OK Computer so i've been looking forward to the new album for quite a while. I've listened to it a few times now, and i have to say im tad underawed. Its grows on you but doesnt grab you. Its a lot better than most of the crap out there, but i expected much more from them after 2 years.

As for best albums of all time polls , god save us from them :). Musical taste are so subjective, to have a poll of 1000s of ppl and try to officially claim it as the best album ever is bit silly. Favourite album maybe but not best. I personally cant stand The Beatles (how can any album with Yellow Submarine on it ever claim to be the best? ;)) or the Beach boys, yet for some reason they always seem to top these lists.

Anyway that the end of my rambling :)

Arch Stanton
02-10-2000, 15:08
Given it a couple of listens and it's pretty good but i don't think it'll go down as a classic like the last couple of C.D's. Remindes me a lot of Bowie in his 'Low' phase. 3 or 4 songs and a lot of moody instrumentals. no bad thing really.

BTW I've found the secret booklet. Anyone else?

02-10-2000, 16:12
um its not really that well hidden man. If fact you would have to be retarded to miss it. My apologies if you are actually retarded.

travis bickle
02-10-2000, 20:26
does the 'secret' booklet determine whether your copy is limited edition or does everyone get it?

i got it in mine

btw i think kid a is pretty good but not my fave radiohead album

how to disappear completely and idioteque have to be my fave after a couple of listens although im sure it will change as the album begins to fit me better

does anyone else think morning bell sounds vaguely familiar to rabbit in the headlights?

[Edited by travis bickle on 02-10-2000 at 08:41 PM]

03-10-2000, 18:07
I was thinking maybe that's a special first day edition jobber what with there being special tracing paper in it and everything

and i only found it today :P

[BL] Switchblade
04-10-2000, 00:00
it is limeted edition, only the first 5000 or so will have it, so not quite so limeted, but there you go :)

oh, and b4 i forget to tell anyone, i went to see them on monday!!!!!!!!!!!!

fan-****ing-tastic!!! oh yes :):):):)

[BL] Switchblade
04-10-2000, 15:08
ne1 know how to get to the hidden 'lost children' website? cos i was under the impression that if u put the cd in a pooter, that it would load up an take u there, but no luck :(

05-10-2000, 12:18
Ugh. Kid A is horrible. I really liked The Bends, OK Computer was alright, but Kid A is pants. I'm all for changing direction, but they could have made some songs that don't give me a headache by their constant screeching and wailing. :( There's barely a decent tune on the whole album.

The best track on it IMO is motion picture soundtrack, but even that is a completely self indulgent dirge. *sob* why do my fave bands either split up or release awful records?

05-10-2000, 13:32
Just to clear up on the special stuff: The first pressings of the album (jewel case) includes a hidden booklet behind the CD tray. There is also a limited edition copy available which is a larger hardbook copy (looks like a kid's book).

If you buy the album in the first week, you should get the hidden booklet.
But the hardback booklet is much more rare, how much i dont know.

[i]Update: I think now that all copies of the album have the hidden book, theres not a limited amount. The only special thing is the hardback book.

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