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Thread: how do i test frames per second

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    mr_fragger Guest
    im trying to get my FPS sorted im doing this but it doesn't show up my fps what am i doing wrong
    at console:-
    timedemo 1
    recorddemo 1

    after a while i type :-

    then i type :-
    map demo1.dm2

    it runs the map but it doesn't show on my screen the fps
    please what am i doing wrong??

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    LardBoy Guest
    Timerefresh gives fps. Not sure how you stick that in a demo though.


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    ABards Guest
    is there anyway to have a rolling fps count like in QW
    showfps 1 does it in QuakeWorld

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    rKANE Guest
    Ok, cus im nice i'll tell U how to do a timedemo
    In the console type "timedemo 1", press return then type "map demo1.dm2", press return again, the demo will then proceed to run through at the maximum speed your pc can run it and at the end the console will reapear with an average FPS.

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    Sweetie Pie Guest
    It doesn't give u a exact value but it gives an estimate what ur fps is at any 1 time. At the console type:

    netgraph 1

    Sweetie Pie

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    ABards Guest
    cool that should have pps (packets per sec) which is actually fps cos yopu generate a frame for every packet

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    Jamester Guest
    Another nice very quick test of speed is to go to the console and type "timerefresh"

    This will spin you round 360 degrees as fast as poss and give you the fps. It's a bit crude as speed will depend a lot on where in a map you do it, more textures = slower, but it can give an in-game benchmark pretty quickly.


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    Mr B Guest

    Netgraph and f.p.s. are TOTALLY UNRELATED.

    Netgraph is just a record of Ping Times (green), Packet losses (red) and delayed packets (yellow)..that's it.

    You could be running at over 200 fps (2 x Voodoo2 running at 320x200), will you be sending 200 packets per second???

    I normally play setting RATE at 4000, RATE determines the number of pps, not fps.

    "timedemo 1" is a good guide to fps, but remember to turn the sound off first using "cl_soundinit 0" (or something like that), as that can reduce the fps (esp. if you have an ISA sound card), and remember to take an average of 5 runs (to let all the demo load into memory (if you have enough memory that is
    The average fps is displayed right at the end of the demo, or at any point when you stop it being played back (not whilst recording it).

    "timerefresh" again is only a rough guide, and as mentioned before is related to the complexity of the scene (distances involved, number of different textures, etc...)

    Hope this helps...

    [UKF]Mr B

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