New pc build

Postby b2567 » Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:23 pm
Hi was wondering if any one could give me some information that would help me out as im a total beginner when it comes to this . I am planing on building a pc from scratch and i am wanting to build a case out of wood as i have seen some really nice ones and have spare wood lying around and what im looking to get some info on is what is the best way of making a case from wood eg how to stop it overheating and setting on fire just anything people could help with would be great ,im thinking of building a cube shape case as i think it would look im also looking to have like 2 sliding door panels on 2 of the sides so that can get easy access into the case if needs be and also have the psu motherboard i o shield all on the back of the case which means i want to lay everything on the bottom of the cube so would i need to put the motherboard on a metal panel like in normal pc cases ?? also what type of fans should i use ? also how would i keep noise down also i red somewhere someone mention about being able to shield EMI how would i go about that problem ? , if any would like some more information im more than happy to help as best as i can and i hope someone can help me out PS i know people would disagree with a wooden case but i want to be different from the standard cases u can buy in a shop that is y i look for as much help as possible to achieve my goal